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Referee Reminders

Things for ALL Refs to remember:

Work the entire field…follow the play in diagonals from goal to goal.

Wear your refereeing uniform

Blow your whistle loudly …players and coaches need to hear when a call is made.

Double check with U8 coaches on subbing every 5 minutes.

Check in with U10 and U12 coaches about how to signal you for subbing options.

Pre-game Instructions …remind players to listen for the whistle, check players for jewelery & shin guards.

Fill out your referee cards with ALL the information of the game…note if it’s a rescheduled game to cross reference dates. Remember to have coach sign your card.

Some information on whistle blowing

Here are some common rules to follow….

– a short or medium beep…to restart play. Think “GO”.
– quick short beeps to prevent a restart, like during a substitution and a throw-in is taking place or a   throw-in going the wrong direction.  Think “BUT, BUT, BUT, BUT”

– medium blast – to bring players onto the field at start or half, or to stop a foul or possible injury. Think “STOPPP!”

– long blast – could be used at the start of a game (ceremonial), or to stop play for a serious foul. Think “STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!”

– medium, then long – half time. Thin “Half TIMMMME”
– twice medium, then long – game over. Think ” That’s the GAMMMMME!”

You have to use the whistle to STOP play, but it is only required to START Play on a few circumstances: at start of halves, at penalty kicks, after substitutions, and when you instruct a player to wait for your whistle during a free kick. It also makes sense that if you have had an extended period of delay, the whistle could be used to restart play.

When don’t you need to use your whistle….to signal a goal, to signal the restart after a goal, to indicate a ball out of play (unless the play continues) over the touch or goal line, the restart on a throw in, on goal or corner kicks.

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