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Hold a Winner’s Circle after each game where teammates take turns offering each other specific, truthful praise. You speak last and make sure to recognize any players who haven’t been singled out.

To remind players that Mistakes are OK, institute a “mistake ritual,” such as the “no sweat” motion of wiping your brow. Then when an athlete makes a mistake, control your disappointment and use your mistake ritual!

Help your players establish and strive for stretch goals. Stretch goals are just beyond a player’s reach but can be achieved with effort over time. The best stretch goals are set by the players themselves.

Use “if-then” statements, such as “If you break hard to the post, the midfielder is more likely to find you.” This puts the player in control and increases self-confidence.

One way to reinforce the value of effort is through an award following each competition, such as a game ball or a “Dirty Shirt” award for the players who hustle hardest.

Use the Buddy System. Pair up your athletes during practice and challenge them to fill their buddy’s emotional tank. You can make it a competition, and they can keep score of how many positive things they say to each other.


  • Keep their heads up and are aware of what’s going on around them.
  • Can spot and execute a pass (or shoot) before being challenged by an opponent.
  • Regularly move to a position where they are supporting a team mate on the ball.
  • Reach scoring positions before the ball gets there.
  • Can step in front of an opponent and intercept a pass.

Set “Effort Goals,” such as running hard for contested balls, in addition to outcome goals. In this way, over time, if players achieve the effort goals, they also will move toward achieving desired outcome goals, such as winning contested balls.


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