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Team Rosters – Will be sent only after your On-Line Disclosure form is submitted.  You will need to contact your team as soon as possible. Team practices can start as soon as your team is contacted. 

Equipment – Will be handed out the week of August 7th.  Jersey sets, equipment bag, first aid bag and Little Caesars’ Flier. 

Fundraiser – Fliers go to players at first team meeting with jersey.  See Fundraiser details sheet for due date.  Delivery will be Sept 21st. 

Game Schedule – Will be posted the week of August 21st.  Under 6 (2012-13) girls and boys games are on Saturdays at 10:00 am for the season, with the exception of September 9th, games will start at 8:30 am because of High School soccer games that start at 10:00 am.   Under 8 (2010-11), Under 10 (2008-09) & Under 12 (2005-06-07) games are in any 2 night combination of M/T/Th. There will not be games on Thursday, September 23rd because of High School soccer games at PILC starting at 4:00 pm. No games on Saturday, September 2. 

Concessions – Under 8 / 10 / 12 teams will be assigned at least 1 night per season to help work in the concession stand.  An On-line Signup Genius will show the nights that your team is scheduled to help.  You will assign 2-4 parents to help with that time slot.  CASA moved to NO SNACKS at practices and/or games a few years ago, so you do not need to worry about parent help for that. 

Referees – Our referee program is made up of new and veteran referees.  New refs are just learning their job of reffing their games.  This is their first job and it is in-front-of parents and players, while trying to make quick, fair calls.  It is important that coaches and parents remember that we are all learning the ins and outs of soccer and to be patient with each other.  If you have a major complaint about a referee, you will contact the referee coordinator to discuss.  Otherwise, we will all make mistakes as refs, coaches and players.  We are all learning.  Be safe – have fun – and grow in knowledge with each season. Teach players to thank the ref for the game. Major complaints, call Referee Coordinator. 

Sportsmanship – Rec soccer is a perfect environment to teach tolerance and good sportsmanship, how not all players are the best and you don’t have to win to have fun. And no matter what…players, coaches, referees and parents all show the respect we each deserve. 

Practice Locations – PILC is going to be a busy place M/T/Th/Sat this fall with the addition of High School soccer practices/games that will also be at PILC.  For teams setting up practices outside of the game schedules please use Hilgers, along with city parks and playgrounds on non-game nights & weekends.  Please view the website for ALL Schedules and Locations. 

First Aid – There will be a first aid bag with your equipment.  It includes an instant ice pack, antiseptic wipes, pair of gloves and bandages.  Please make sure you have your parent contact info with you at all times in case of an emergency and do not share this sheet with others as there is personal information per this sheet in case of emergencies. 

Please use the WEBSITE to review DIVISIONS & COACHES tabs.  We have posted a lot of information for you to use. 

Weather –CASA president, vice-president and referee coordinator will determine by 4pm each day if there are strong winds and/or lightening and cold/wet temps in the area that would be a safety issue for games that evening. All games are cancelled not postponed. Cancellations will be posted to the front page of the website, a mass email will go out and radio stations called. 

Game Set Up – Coaches and Players will set up on the opposite side of Parents & Fans.  This allows more room for everyone with less distractions to the team. 

Playing Time – All Players get equal playing time and rotate through all positions on the field. Substitutions can be made at any dead ball during the game, if there is a referee on the field the coach must first notify the referee that he or she would like to make a substitution. 

Game Night Team Numbers – Should a team be short on players any given game night, the two team coaches per the game, will work with each other to play down or share players to make teams more even for a game to be played.  Player cannot be pulled into a team from another team that is not a part of the scheduled game. 

2012-13 – 4 players from each team on the field and no goalie.  2 - 15 minute halves, with subs at least every 5 minutes. 

2010-11 – 4 players on the field from each team and no goalie.  2 – 20 minutes halves, with subs at least every 5 minutes. 

2008-09 – 7 players from each team, 6 on the field and 1 goalie.  2 – 25 minute halves, with subs at the discretion of the coach. 

2005-06-07 – 9 players from each team, 8 on the field and 1 goalie.  2 – 30 minute halves, with subs at the discretion of the coach. 

Team Pictures – Each coach and parent rep can determine team pictures dates/times that work best for your parents. 

Govs & Lady Govs Soccer – Game schedule is located on the CASA website and also on the school district website…come out and support them to victory! 

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